ETX Capital Review

Review of ETX Capital

ETX Capital is a Forex and CFD broker that is a relatively new as its history dates eight years back. It aslo offers spread betting. Throughout its rather short existence, it has undergone certain changes. Firstly, it used to be caled TradeIndex and Tradition UK before becoming ETX Capital in 2008. However, almost a decade in the maret gives it some credit to be considered a broker with quite some experience.
The company’s headquarters is in London, and besides that fact, it tries to attract clients with trying to maintain a good support service, so when clients show up, ETX wants make sure they stays as they see how friendly and effective its support service team is, among other things that we will discuss here.
The owners of the company explain that the name is reflecting company’s expertise in electronic and telephone as well as exchange servicing operation. Another important thing ETX wants to make known in order to gets client’s confidence is that the regulator that oversees its work is Financial Service Authority, as well as that the company actually has roots back in 1973. It is also a London Stock Exchange member, where it is known as Monecor Ltd.

The platform comes with an alarm that you can set to warn you of any situation you wish to be informed of. You set what changes you wish to see, and if that situation gets hot, you will be noticed early enough to put your reserved plan for that situation into practice. Even though it is something you might want to expect from your platform to do, it’s still worthy to notice that you won’t have to wait in front of your computer to see a change that you feel is in your favour.
Furthermore, there is a feature that enables traders to set several securities entry criteria that could be concurrently active.
There is an integrated charting package within ETX Capital, which you can easily personalize. It doesn’t offer things we haven’t seen other places, but it does have a rarely found option of activating spread bets right from the trading chart. There are two packages, one adjusted and planed for beginners, another favoured by professionals. Regardless of the “professional” one being more advance, it isn’t as much advance as a real professional would expect it to be. It, however, does have the basic indicators and technical tools.
Expert traders will find this broker to have not much to offer that the competition doesn’t already. So the company in development wanted to offer at least something new, and having live interactive educational hours might be a point on their account. Experts will also agree that the layout is user friendly and attractive, but more benefit from that part will surely see the beginners as they won’t have to struggle finding what they need.
Another advantage that beginners will appreciate more is the minimum deposit for opening an account being only £100.
As for some other features, like having a regular 24 hour support center, well that’s the least you could expect from a decent broker.