Mark Pryor won’t filibuster a Senate health care bill

Absent “crazy” circumstances, that is.

I apologize for the mistake in explaining the set-up of unprecedented filibustering of your own party’s bill – I used the word “minority” when I should have said “majority”. heh. If I was a print reporter, you never would have caught it.

Anyway, I had seen this in the Politico earlier today, so I was really happy to see Senator Pryor emerge from the tunnel:

Moderate Democrats did draw plenty of inspiration from Snowe – but instead of using her “yes” vote as a reason to embrace health care reform, fence-sitters hailed the caveats in her public statement Tuesday as a rationale for withholding their own judgment.

Nebraska Sen. Ben Nelson said his colleague from Maine wasn’t “forecasting what her future votes might be” when she cast the lone Republican vote for the Finance bill.

Likewise, Arkansas Sen. Mark Pryor, whose own stance on health care remains an open question, cautioned, “I think she’s been careful to say that she supports it coming out of committee, but no guarantees on final passage because it’s going to change quite a bit between now and then.”

This reporting seemed pretty useless to me, but it sounded vaguely ominous. I thought it would be a good idea ask point blank: would he support a filibuster of a Senate Health Care Reform bill?

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