Avatrade forex broker will give you Ford fiesta ST

Choose Ava trade for a smooth trade
Avatrade, famous forex broker seeking for new deposit traders.Current promotion is very interesting. Avatrade offers to lucky winner Ford Fiesta St.But this is not all.

Would you like to experience hassle free trading? If so, then you have come to the right place. Ava is the way to go. To get started, you should either open a free demo account or a real account. Ava trade has their offices in Dublin, New York, Tokyo, Dublin, Milan and Sydney. It is one of the top brokers worldwide. You are guaranteed of getting the best since it is regulated by Ireland central bank.
Apart from the central bank; it is also regulated by the Australian ASIC. It has a pending regulation by the British Virgin Islands and japan has also regulated Ava by the financial services commission. It is also licensed by the MiFID in European Union. It has the required experience in this field since it was started in 2006. This has led to it being rated number 2 by the daily forex.
You do not have to worry about the language since there are different languages. Some of the languages that are available are: German, English, French, Arabic, Taiwanese, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Chinese, Japanese and Russian. The web trader is user friendly and you can access it from any computer even those in public workstations.
As we can read Avatrade forex broker review we can see that this broker is excellent for high deposit traders.You do not have to go to the public work workstations because you can use your mobile phone. This is for those people who have smart phones. Other automated trading services that Ava has integrated with are: ayondo, currensee and Zulu trade. This will allow you to have trades onto your account. Since there are a number of forex trades, you can know the one to choose by looking at the features that you will get.
Some of the Ava trade features that you will get access to once you sign up for an account are; live market news, free forex learning tools like eBooks and webinars. All these features meet the required standards. this are just some of the common features related with a number of brokerages but Ava trade has gone a little step ahead to include features like central charting tools, debit for members with a live account and access to free withdrawals.
The good thing about Ava trade is that they are transparent in their operations. The spreads are fixed and they start at 3 pips up to 120 pips. This is for EUR/USD and USD/ZAR respectively. You have the opportunity of choosing from the 60 pips that are available. Traders are also given an opportunity to hedge. As a trader you will get everything that you need under one roof. You will have access to a deposit bonus of $ 50 if you deposit $100 and bonus of $ 1200 if you deposit $ 10000. However, you need to trade up to 10,000 for every $ 1 this can be a challenge for those who are new in trading. currensee traders and ayondo do not have access to these bonuses.
In case you have any problem, then you an easily get assisted with the customer service. You can contact Ava trade through email, local phone which serves 34 countries and chat support. They have the best customer service. This means that traders can get help whenever they need it. It is easy to use the modern website of Ava trade. This will enable traders to get whatever they are looking for easily. The website makes it easy for traders to go through information by breaking them down. There are convenient tabs that allow traders to get exactly what they want without any distractions.
The Ava trade platform is also easy to use. Ava trade has a lot of advantages than disadvantages. Withdrawals take long and can only be done using the avaselect account; these need traders to have a deposit of $100,000. On the advantages, there are high spreads on currency pairs that are popular. As an Ava trader, you have flexibility when it comes to currency pairs. There are quite a number of financing options. With all these advantages you do not need to look in a different direction. You will get everything that you need under one roof.
You do not have to worry if you have never traded before because there are training tools that will keep you on track. Traders will be able to know of the trading conditions so that they will be able to make a wise choice. Everything is at your disposal and you have no excuse of going anywhere else. Get your account and start enjoying the profits that come with forex trading. You will not regret your decision because Ava trade has all you need to be successful.