ETX Capital Review

Review of ETX Capital

ETX Capital is a Forex and CFD broker that is a relatively new as its history dates eight years back. It aslo offers spread betting. Throughout its rather short existence, it has undergone certain changes. Firstly, it used to be caled TradeIndex and Tradition UK before becoming ETX Capital in 2008. However, almost a decade in the maret gives it some credit to be considered a broker with quite some experience.
The company’s headquarters is in London, and besides that fact, it tries to attract clients with trying to maintain a good support service, so when clients show up, ETX wants make sure they stays as they see how friendly and effective its support service team is, among other things that we will discuss here.
The owners of the company explain that the name is reflecting company’s expertise in electronic and telephone as well as exchange servicing operation. Another important thing ETX wants to make known in order to gets client’s confidence is that the regulator that oversees its work is Financial Service Authority, as well as that the company actually has roots back in 1973. It is also a London Stock Exchange member, where it is known as Monecor Ltd.

The platform comes with an alarm that you can set to warn you of any situation you wish to be informed of. You set what changes you wish to see, and if that situation gets hot, you will be noticed early enough to put your reserved plan for that situation into practice. Even though it is something you might want to expect from your platform to do, it’s still worthy to notice that you won’t have to wait in front of your computer to see a change that you feel is in your favour.
Furthermore, there is a feature that enables traders to set several securities entry criteria that could be concurrently active.
There is an integrated charting package within ETX Capital, which you can easily personalize. It doesn’t offer things we haven’t seen other places, but it does have a rarely found option of activating spread bets right from the trading chart. There are two packages, one adjusted and planed for beginners, another favoured by professionals. Regardless of the “professional” one being more advance, it isn’t as much advance as a real professional would expect it to be. It, however, does have the basic indicators and technical tools.
Expert traders will find this broker to have not much to offer that the competition doesn’t already. So the company in development wanted to offer at least something new, and having live interactive educational hours might be a point on their account. Experts will also agree that the layout is user friendly and attractive, but more benefit from that part will surely see the beginners as they won’t have to struggle finding what they need.
Another advantage that beginners will appreciate more is the minimum deposit for opening an account being only £100.
As for some other features, like having a regular 24 hour support center, well that’s the least you could expect from a decent broker.


False breakout in forex trading

However, there are things that traders recognize as signals to act. It is individuality that determines what somebody usually does in a certain situation. Compare it to football again, if a striker sees goalkeeper off his goal, he knows that there is a chance to attempt a strike at a goal. He decides how.
Let’s see now what events represent signals in trading.
It might easily happen that a reader is not sure whether a signal he sees is good or bad. Therefore it’s important to, at least, have a tool to differentiate g god signals from bad signals when you get to know what those signals are. This is among the first steps to improving your skills in reading the charts.
Let’s take a look at some signals which are to be understood s some basic filters and not general rules. It should give you just an idea of what it looks like and what it means, so that you can build up some confidence when deciding what action to take in the examples shown you will see some simple daily pun bar strategies charts and for hour-charts.
Looking for false breaks out levels is something you could do.
A reveal rejection signal with a tail means that it is a signal of high probability.
A signal as a trail of a pin bar protruding through the line suggests that it is creating a false breakup level. As it means a high probability signal, it means that a market cannot sustain is current situation and there is a high probability that it would turn direction.
The below image shows pin bar protruding the key support credit a false break level.

Charts below depict more clear situations of levels being protruded, which create false breaks.

It’s better to wait confirmation rather than go for a breakout.Use for example RSI Relative Strenght Indicator to avoid false breakout

This means that it’s not a good advice to try to look breakouts. You will see that they tend to be false-breaks. Since there is no sure method to say whether a breakout is a fake or not, it makes it risky to trade it. You should know that as the market approaches key level, it loses chance to continue. So don’t go for breakout, rather wait for it to occur, than you can make a retrace entrance. Inside bars seem like breakouts, but they are rather false breaks, so that can fool you. As the image below:

When you see a pin bar with long tail, it means that it’s time for a reversal that follows sustained move.
A way to use pin bars with long tails is when they seem to work well after one directional move that is sustained. That usually marks a turning point of a market. It also can stand for trend changes on long-term.

Try searching for retracements for supporting resistance in a market. Image below shows downtrend and an uptrend in the chart. Notice that the uptrend retrace is small, however, the trend being as up with confluence in a pin bar that had market key support level. That means a good chance setup.

Try not trading chop signals. That means that you should avoid those signals seen in thick consolidation center. In example, one after one consolidation bars followed by a signal from a pin bar formed inside and if it chops, it’s less valid. You should wait for a break to confirm.

Look for confluent level, which is actually a level with at least 2 factors that supports it. Those could be resistance level that has dynamic level of EMA, obvious support, or a retrace of fifty percent, with resistance level and a key support. To break it down, if there is weight to a trade signal, that’s good. It is among the best ways to differentiate good from bad signals.

On contrary, if there is nothing to support a signal – that’s bad. Simply said – avoid those signals. A floating setup that doesn’t have any weight is only good to ignore it. If this signal happens for an hour, and nothing safe is seen, that is not for trading. In example below, that can be seen:

When you see a certain setup, don’t give too much thought about if it’s worth trading or not. The signal will be obvious and there is no need to analyze the signal itself. The market won’t go anywhere, so there is no need to rush with such kind of decision. If you are not sure whether the signal is good or not, pass on it. Also, note that there are more signals for no good anyway. And even the signals for “Yes” are not a sure winner. So don’t rush.
If something you pass turns out to be good, don’t think that you missed a chance, because signals and not “rulers”, they just suggest something, so even bad signals can turn out to be good.

Talking about passing trades is all in a trader’s day. It’s probably better to learn from passing a good trade, than to “hitting” a bad one anyway. So you’ll get to build your own list of signals as time and trades go by. Don’t forget to remain calm and patient, and know there is time and tomorrow will bring a new chance, so don’t rush.
Patience is the virtue of successful traders

Don’t think that successful traders spend most of their week trading and placing calls throughout the day. Most of the people that made a certain fortune by trading actually patiently wait for their best signals. So you should rather emulate those kind of traders, start immediately with that attitude. Know that time is on your side with trading, and that the patience is your fellow traveler. But know that even then, when you only consider trading upon clear signals, it is just a signal, and you risk. Likewise, when you shot with your eyes closed, there is a chance that you can hit something, but a small one.

This advice to trade less rises from the fact that there exist far less signals suggesting good situations to trade.
On the other hand, it is a signal for a reason; it means that the certain situation is not as often as some other situation that is not a signal.

Take the most of your trades, and missed attempts too. Note down how the chart behaves in a certain situation, and how your trades execute.
Make your own list of filters that are good for your trading.
However, have in mind that having a list of signals and a plan for trading is of true essence for a trader, at least that’s what we think, it is just one small piece of a puzzle. To be true, this one might be one of the basic ones, but still a piece of a puzzle. This puzzle, however, has something besides checking and confirming that pieces match; here you actually still have to guess the outcome. Because, anything that you can write down is something that had already happened, what you buy or sell, is something which’s outcome is to be yet seen. So to say, a successful trader has to have a good intuition (the intuition must be based on some sort of statistics here).
In conclusion we can say that it is very important to understand truly how to recognize good signs for a trade. Filtering signals is thus important to make success rate higher. You’ll notice that majority of the traders (who don’t read this) just trade based on their pure guts, without any presumption about the result of what they do. Don’t be one of those traders. Be yourself, like in real life, prepare, secure your means of action, choose your goals and execute them.

Avatrade offers automated forex trading – free forex signals

If you like to receive free forex signals from forex experts with several years proven results – Avatrade offers you perfect platform.

AvaTrade is by now one of the known names among the Forex traders, and the year 2016 marks a milestone, as it has been a decade since the company started with their platform online.
The company saw a steady growth after its start ten years ago, and by now it has more than 20000 registered users. AvaTrader has got more than $60 B monthly in trading volume. The traders themselves deposit more than $2M every month.Full forex broker avatrade review you can read at partner website.

Speaking of regulations, in AVA trade in Europe is led by AVA Trade EU Ltd, which works under authorization by the Irish Central Bank (CBI). In order assure regulation across the Europe, AVA Trade also have license with MiFD, which enables the company to regularly trade in Europe.

In Australia, the company’s branch Capital Markets Pty Ltd works under the license of ASIC which regulates investments and securities in Australia. This enables AVA Trade to offer its services to all traders in Australia.

Japanese section of Ava Trade marked as K.K. works under license and is regulated by the FSA.
Ava Trade is internationally registered in the B. Virgin Islands as a company that offers financial services, where it works under full regulations under BVI FSC. All but U.S. traders are thus accepted to trade with Ava Trade.

Trading Platforms

Ava offers several platforms for online FX trading, as well as several mobile platforms. Here’s list and a brief description of each of the platform.

AvaTrader is company’s software for trading which enables you trading CFD’s and Forex. The platform itself is very simple and again very usable for thorough traders with complex analysis, as well as testing. It is compatible with EA and can be used for automated trading methods. The desiners made sure to make AvaTrader suitable for traders of all skill sets.

MetaTrader4 is basically a trading platform that just needs to be mentioned, without any further describing it. However, we must note that it has many options, such are charting and tools for analysis as well as stops and limit sets. Best known to be adjustable to all sorts of traders, including novice and experience traders. Furthermore, Ava Trade has “MT4 speread betting. It enables to use EAs for automated trading, gives advanced charts, and also spread betting where spreads start from 0.9 pips.
In addition, there are floating spreads.
AvaTrade gives its customer option to trade optpions. With this platform, a trader can trade more than thirty options of vanila currency, together with spot trades. With this platform, it is possible to make accurate strategies for trading which aptly fits traders own style of trading.

Customer Support

Ava Trade has a solid customer support which comes at several languages includind English, German, French, Spanish, Russian, Itaian, Dutch, Arabic, Portugese, Chinese and Japanese. it is available all the time except for the weekends. You can send email, however, any time and you should be answered within 24 hours.

There are some bonuses for traders which range from $125 all the way up to $10K. It all depends on what a trader deposits. Trader’s account gets boosted by bonus as soone as his/hers account gets to be verified.

Depositing and withdrawing
To deposit, there are several options, in which debit or credit cards are included. as for the amount, it depends on which currency a trader wants to use. For example, those who wish to deposit American Dollar have to have a minimum of a hundred dollars, as well as 400:1 of maximum leverage. Other currencies differ.
To deposit, traders can also use skrill, webmoney, netteler and Paypal. Bank Wire is also available, should anyone wish to deposit a larger sum.

As for withdrawals, an online form is required to be filled. It does sound difficult, but it is all in order to preserve privacy and security. The online form is submitted via email. It takes up to a week to complete the withdrawal, but that is more or less commong for such process.

Some more features
Before deciding to trade with Ava, make sure to check its demo account and see whether that’s something you would like to trade on. You will find some other features when you join, several ebooks, and webinars, as well as articles that can help you get more familiar with the broker itself, and trading process also.


EasyMarkets or Easy Forex is famous forex broker which offers tight spreads for major forex pairs, excellent support and metatrader platform for trading.
You can read full review at : EasyMarkets Review

New brand video:

Accounts :
Standard Account: This is the littlest record sort at Easy-Forex, keeping in mind the agent hasn’t set a base store prerequisite for this record, the general least store for opening a record is $25. This is a direct result of the required least edge in danger of $25. This record sort comes stacked with different components and advantages, including altered spreads starting from 3 pips, a base arrangement size of 5 smaller scale parcels, individual record supervisor, free SMS market rate cautions, specialized examination reports and access to every single instructive apparatus, among other general elements.
Premium Account: This is the suggested account sort for most merchants at Easy-Forex and it requires a base store about $2,000. The record sort comes stacked with different elements including a base arrangement size of 5 small scale parts, altered spreads beginning at 2.5 pips, least edge to danger of $250, individual one-on-one preparing, 24/5 individual business sector investigator bolster, 24/5 managing room phone exchanging, discretionary eminence refunds, and showcase upgrade email/calls, in addition to whatever remains of the components/advantages accessible to standard record holders.
VIP Account: This is the eldest record kind at Easy-Forex and brokers must store at least $20,000 to access extraordinary elements and advantages connected with it. A portion of the remarkable elements incorporate settled spreads from 1.8 pips, least arrangement size of 1 standard parcel, and a base edge to danger of $500.
Simple Forex has chosen the absolute most fluid resources/exchanging instruments to offer to its customers, including stocks, CFDs, monetary forms, items, Metals and Indices.
Dealers can utilize different exchanging apparatuses and procedures to exchange any of these benefits, including a single tick exchanging, solidify rate office (you can solidify an exchange a few moments to cross out before executing), EAs, supporting, and constrain request exchanging among others.
Brokers at Easy-Forex can profit by the few exchanging instruments and assets available by means of the recompense winning exchanging stage, the MetaTrader 4. The MT4 stage permits dealers to utilize Expert Advisors, diagramming devices, specialized markers and access to live monetary news by means of a food.
Simple Forex has ensured that its dealers can take an interest in the launching so as to develop a society of on-the-go exchanging Mobile Trading stages for handheld device. For brokers that wish to exchange straightforwardly by means of the web without downloading any product, Easy-Forex has created aWebTrader Platform that permits merchants to exchange all the accessible exchanging resources, including monetary forms, CFDs, stocks, things, Metals and Indices.
Beside the exchanging devices and assets accessible on the MT4 stage, dealers at Easy-Forex can depend on the exhaustive scope of the business sector with areas set for breaking news, market investigation, and in addition, industry patterns.

The stage is accessible in a great deal of dialects and some of them are truly outlandish. Since it started, EasyMarkets (former Easy forex) utilizes the TradeDesk stage which is singularly created by the organization. This is somewhat exceedingly surprising; however we will talk about it later.
I was totally enchanted by every one of the instruments they utilize. The consistent self-created stage, great versatile applications, genuine backing and off kilter unwavering quality. Yes, we are prepared to utilize them regardless of the assets we have. We are prepared to contribute a considerable measure of cash, too we are prepared to begin there as novices, as well.
Like we’ve specified over, this dealer suits everybody – from the novices to the ace FX merchants. There are truly a great deal of record levels and the thing we like is the likelihood to make a smaller than expected record. That is something for the genuine amateurs. You can store as low as $25, yes, 25 bucks, that is great. The organization is truly versatile to your store and withdrawal needs. In the event that you utilize a charge card, you can get your cash on the exchange immediately – no holding up periods. This is something that is a major negative for a percentage of alternate representatives.
Normal, this is one of our most loved merchants which we use all the time. The identity of exchanging joined with the security of one of the greatest exchanging stages make us focus just on the exchanging itself. For a long time a great deal of emergencies happened while a ton of liquidations happened as well. The organization offers a great deal of cutting edge systems which are not utilized anyplace. This organization is managed in a couple EU nations and additionally in nations outside Europe.

Deposits and withdrawals
Minimum deposit: only $25 to initiate the trades
With just $25, you can easily open your account and then start trading through the broker. With the said amount, it is quite low in minimum requirement.
Deposit approaches: different choices
The variety of payment choices comes in opening an account through the broker fast and simple. You can do this through the credit as well as debit cards, Neteller, WebMoney and Wire Transfer as well.

Visit Easy Markets (former Easy Forex)

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Exness Review

EXNESS Review – exness review

Among the global bets in Forex service, EXNESS trading brings you the most innovative technology to all of its clients for a more dependable, comfy and lucrative trading experience. This company has been in the trading industry for more than five years now and yearly, their trading capacity grows of around 2B US dollars and that happened in 2013. That allows setting its new values in the international trading market. More so, regardless of the investment capital there is, the company will extend its superior brokerage services, sustained by the authorities by the experts in the exchange along with the monetary markets for a deliberated profit generator.

EXNESS is a new merchant in the forex world; it bids certain of the most captivating trading conditions. Even if there is no real association between the 2, EXNESS as well as Alpari which is likewise from Russia, flourish in a wherein the rule of law isn’t always the one considered. Even if EXNESS is under the law of the Russian government, this is not too comfy or foreigners trading through the merchant. There is no doubt that this company and its management is close to Alpari which is very much conscious of this even before they go along more than the call of responsibility to make sure that the customers will be treated in a fair manner.

Broker EXNESS gives all of its partners and traders with the easier to access, dependable, stable, and dependable, and of the highest quality brokerage service through the innovative techniques in trading and in investing. EXNESS now gives the customers with various services that will be suited for your business and it can make a business truly lucrative. The customer service group also armed with all the well informed team members that are highly suited to give help to traders anytime of the day. This will make sure that everyone can easily access precisely and in a professional manner at the same time. They can also help you make the decision making along the way if you need to. The firms are currently taking a leap forward to boost the excellence of the services that they offer. Within the 5 years of being in the business, EXNESS has taken different international awards that include the Best Mini Broker of 2013 and a lot more.

Instaforex Review

InstaForex Review for Newbies and Veteran Traders
Where on earth can you find a forex broker that offers 100% accuracy rate and in just ten minutes you will be done with your registration? InstaForex is the only merchant that offers a such, because their platform was made to fit into the needs of every client, especially those who are always on the go . The forex broker evaluation is meant for the advanced and for the newbies at the same time. It is a fact that regardless of how much experienced you are in trading, there will still come a time that you will need some instructions to redirect you to the right path and you may need a financial site to bring you back on the right track. At the moment, this website will do, they will show you a review and the point of the view and how beautiful and persuading the system is where the trades are well.

Various accounts with spreads & margins
InstaForex will enable to have a force of up to 1:1,000, which is among the largest if not the uppermost in the business. This is priceless for high frequency traders along with scalpers since it enables them to come up with the utmost return on the capital. InstaForex keeps tight fixed spread all the time that includes news releases, so you will know that you can get the implemented by the best price probable. The usual spreads being offered by InstaForex on the primary currencies.
Offers and bonuses for newbie traders – instaforex bonus
InstaForex is very substantial in providing new trader bonuses; they offer 2 bonus choices for you if you want to open up an account with them. Initially, you may choose to get a 30% welcome bonus coming from your initial deposit or as a substitute, you can also ask for a fixed bonus according to certain schedules. If you will pick the fixed bonus, you will be given a bonus of around $30 for a low deposit of 100, those who will be given $110 bonus are those who have deposited $300. A bonus of $200 will be given to those who have deposited $800 and so on.
Features of InstaForex on Trading platform and mobile
The InstaForex trading platform is better known as InstaTrader, it’s based on the umbrella of the MT4 terminal. You can also access the terminal without extra cost, if you are using a handheld device that turns on the Window Mobile platform and then you will also be able to run the InstaTrader on your mobile phone too. The use of the platform, you can open and access the locations and the technical analysis and then get new daily information along the way.
Trading tools, charts with learning tools
The company also gives high class training for newbies in trading. They have the widest range of compositions, market analysis, training videos and reports on their web page. Apart from the unvarying properties that other brokers may give, they have a new service and they call it the InstaForex TV, that will be important for their very own TV channel meant for everything related to forex and that includes news feeds, interviews, reports, analysis and others.

The background of the company
InstaForex happened in 2007. This year was the biggest leap for the said merchant because they were able to give way to those who are interested in trading regularly. It seems that the broker doesn’t start in the UK nor in Cyprus, which happened to be the primary destinations for trading merchants during these times and to this day. The countries mentioned can actually provide you with some of the best and the most persuading platforms to make the trades.
These are all being revealed to you, because compared to the other brokers, InstaForex started in Russia. The regulator of this company is RAFMM and they have made the webpage of the company into a vibrant European type nowadays. But what is essential is that the website of InstaForex is dependable and can be trusted, since it has a license, however, because of numbers of measures both for personal an data security.

Trading accounts to select
1. Demo accounts
This type of account gives you a choice to check on the platform without endangering your hard earned income. This will be your chance to try it out and to do a practice trading. This is the best for newbies before joining a big platform.
2. Standard account
This has required a deposit amount of not lower than $10. This is also a good option for newbies who are not yet ready to invest money during their first try. You can pick from various currency choices and various methods of transferring money as well. You can use Skrill, Filpay, WebMoney and others to deposit your funds.
The trading features
The power of InstaForex is typically huge at 1:1,000. There are various spreads, however the average is 1.6 pips. But you can pick your bet from huge options of assets. The auto signals can also be applied and you can watch the trading videos at all times.
The trading software
InstaForex for those who are not familiar with this merchant is a broker that comes with ideologies. This is powerful since it was packed with famous software and that is the MT4. You are given a choice to download the version for Apple or to go with a mobile version using your handheld device. In most instances, you must not miss the odds to enjoy every moment to acquire the profits you deserve.


InstaForex is an unfettered broker and it is still waiting for its licensing coming from primary regulatory bodies such as CySec along with FCA. At the moment, they are not accepting trades from traders in America and in the European Economic Area. They were fined with around $140,000 in the past for accepting trades from American traders. There is a post about the regulated merchant by the Russian Asociation of Financial Market Members. Even if it isn’t controlled, that doesn’t mean that it is fake. Those who have traded in this company in the past can attest to the fact that there are no issues of scams. On the other hand, they have imposed its permitting from Cyprus as well as in just a few years from now; you will see the mercantile is fully regulated.
Trading Platform
The MetaTrader4 is the prime trading platform being obtainable by InstaForex. You can copy it without hassles online. The platform is very user friendly and it has been made with enough considerations meant for newbie traders. The whole set is pre-made and there is no need to download any other widget to make this work. All you need to do is to connect the MetaTrader4, and then you are ready to go. All of the charts as well as web tools are all shown accordingly. The charts are live and can also be viewed on the site with its rich and lucid interface. You will surely appreciate the panel that was made beautifully and you can also check on your trading background, withdrawals, deposits and others in the panel. Trading through mobile is now made available for you and you can trade using your smart device, which is an advantage for travelers.

Offers and bonuses for newbie traders
InstaForex is very substantial in providing new trader bonuses; they offer 2 bonus choices for you if you want to open up an account with them. Initially, you may choose to get a 30% welcome bonus coming from your initial deposit or as a substitute, you can also ask for a fixed bonus according to certain schedules. If you will pick the fixed bonus, you will be given a bonus of around $30 for a low deposit of 100, those who will be given $110 bonus are those who have deposited $300. A bonus of $200 will be given to those who have deposited $800 and so on.
Features of InstaForex on Trading platform and mobile
The InstaForex trading platform is better known as InstaTrader, it’s based on the umbrella of the MT4 terminal. You can also access the terminal without extra cost, if you are using a handheld device that goes on the Window Mobile platform and then you will also be able to run the InstaTrader on your mobile phone too. The use of the platform, you can open and access the locations and the methodological investigation, get new daily information along the way.
Trading tools, charts with learning tools
The company also gives high class training for newbies in trading. They have the widest range of compositions, market analysis, training videos and reports on their web page. Apart from the unvarying properties that other brokers may give, they have a new service and they call it the InstaForex TV, that will be important for their very own TV channel meant for everything related to forex and that includes news feeds, interviews, reports, analysis and others.
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